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North Vancouver, Canada

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Timothy Wilson Hoey's O-Canada Book

  • 164 pages of pure Canadian goodness.

    It began with the idea of 150 images celebrating 150 years. He gave himself a small window of time, avoiding over analyzing the topics, simply painting from the hip and the heart. 87 days later, the works were completed. Other than the title, the subjects are left up to the viewer to explore.


    The book includes portraits and writings by seven Canadian musicians including Jann Arden and Grant Lawrence.


    Timothy Wilson Hoey’s art is informed by a sense of place, time, emotion. His O-Canada collection resonates with Canadians – both here and abroad – by exploring what we define as home.


    Timothy captures that feeling we get when we see a local landmark that is gone, but not forgotten by those in the community. He captures the emotion we feel when we think about historical figures whose lives helped define Canada’s place in the world. He evokes the taste memory of a double-double enjoyed on a crisp winter’s morning.


    Canada is a pretty great place, and it’s up to all of us to realize we can make it all that much better.


    8.5×6.5″ Printed in Canada.